yes FAQ

What is yes?

yes is a loyalty program that allows customers to receive everyday savings, digital coupons, and savings on fuel. The more you use your yes card, the more personalized your shopping experience will become with personalized coupons and more.

How can I join the yes program?

Online: At your preferred store website and complete the online sign up process. When you sign up online you’ll be asked for your phone number. This allows you to enter this same phone number at the register, so you never have to have a physical yes card with you. You can also print off a copy of your digital card.

Sign Up here: Dan's Supermarkets | | D&W Fresh Market | Family Fare | Family Fresh Market | | VGs Grocery

In-store: Fill out an application at any participating Dan's Supermarket, D&W Fresh Market, Family Fare, Family Fresh Market or VG’s Grocery to receive a yes card and start saving. Be sure to register your card online to get the weekly ad preview, as well as access to hundreds of digital coupons, clubs, and rewards.

Why do you need my e-mail address?

When you register with a valid e-mail address, you’ll unlock special savings. You’ll be sent personalized offers, weekly ad sneak previews, and personalized digital coupons.

What are you going to do with my information? Will you share or sell it with anyone outside your company?

Our promise to you:
We will not sell or share your information except for the limited purposes set forth in our terms and conditions. For full details on privacy, please refer to our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy located here.

Where can I use my yes card?

Your yes card is valid at all Dan's Supermarket, D&W Fresh Market, Family Fare, Family Fresh Market or VG’s Grocery locations.

Why do you need my phone number?

Registering with a phone number allows you to enter that phone number at checkout if you forget your yes card or prefer not to carry one. All offers and savings are tracked the same using your phone number as they are with a physical card.

What is my yes card number and where can I find it?

Your yes card number is the 12-digit card number found on the back of the card.

I lost my card - help!

If you registered online or have a phone number registered to your card, no need to worry, you can use your phone number at checkout. For a replacement card, simply ask for a new one at the service counter. We’d be happy to link your new card to your old one so you can pick up right where you left off on earning exclusive savings and deals!

How can I share my yes card with my whole family?

Each yes card comes with one card and two keychain-sized cards. You can share these with anyone in your family. You can also share the same phone number and use that at the register. Additional yes cards are available at your store and can be linked to your existing card(s)

What can I do when I register my yes card online?

Registering your card online is an additional step to signing up for a yes card. Registering online gives you access to all the benefits of yes. You can:

  1. Sign-up to receive coupons and special offers each month via email
  2. Add digital coupons directly to your card.
  3. View/enroll in Clubs or Rewards
  4. Update personal information

I forgot my password.

When you forget your password, click the "Forgot Password" link in the Sign In on your store's website. A new message will open up where you will be asked to enter your email address, press ‘Submit’ to reset your password or call Customer Service at 1-888-880-yes1 (9371).

I forgot my email address that I used to register.

Click here to contact us via email or call yes Customer Service at 1-888-880-yes1 (9371).

How can I change my email address?
  1. Sign in to your account with the current information. Choose “My Profile” tab and go to “Update Your Profile Information”. Click "Edit" next to the item you wish to change, make your update and click "Save".
  2. Call 1-888-880-yes1 (9371) and ask the yes Customer Service agent to help.
  3. Visit any Dan's Supermarket, D&W Fresh Market, Family Fare, Family Fresh Market or VG’s Grocery Customer Service desk and ask them to help.
I gave you my email address, but my online account does not work.

Contact yes Customer Service at 1-888-880-yes1 (9371).

What are qualifying purchases?

Most store items count as qualifying yes card purchases. Some exclusions include: cigarettes/tobacco, beer/wine/liquor, fuel, prescriptions, prescription copays, postage stamps, lottery tickets, Western Union, money orders, fees, game licenses, bottle deposit, phone activation, sales tax, Ticketmaster, gift card purchases (including store, phone, entertainment, dining, prepaid, and others), discontinued items and additional miscellaneous transaction or service counter items.

Why can't I see all of my offers on the website?

You may be limited from seeing all of your rewards or activity if you visit a website other than a store you shop. Occasionally clubs, rewards, or digital coupons may only be viewed if you have completed your online account including address; since some programs may only be available in certain geographic areas based on your home store, zip code, or state.


What are digital coupons?

Digital coupons are deals exclusively available online for yes card members and they can be accessed online and in-store at the yes kiosk.

How do I find digital coupons on the website?

Visit Dan's Supermarket, D&W Fresh Market, Family Fare, Family Fresh Market or VG’s Grocery website. In the top menu, select "Save More" and then select "Digital Coupons"

How do digital coupons work?

Visit your preferred store website to view your available digital coupons from the top men, select "Save More" and then "Digital Coupons" and then select “clip” for the coupons of interest to you - this loads the coupon to your yes account. Shop and purchase the item prior to the expiration date and the discount will be applied to your order when you check out using your yes account.

Do I need to have a yes account to participate in digital coupons?

Yes. In order for the digital coupons to be loaded onto an account you’ll need to have a yes card, establish an online account, and activate it online.

Can I print the coupons instead of loading them onto my yes account?

No. The digital coupons are only available electronically and cannot be printed for scanning at the register.

I don't carry a card but use my phone number instead. Will the digital coupons still work?

Yes. Whether you scan a yes card or enter your registered phone number, your coupons will apply when the product is scanned.

How can I remember what I loaded to my account?

You can print your “On My Card” coupons on a personal printer (the printer icon is on the right side). You may also use the mobile app (for Android and iOS) or in-store kiosk to view your offers.

Do digital coupons expire?

All digital coupons have an expiration date. The dates will vary by offer. Review each coupon for specific details.

Can I load coupons more than once to my account?

No. Each digital coupon can only be loaded to your yes account once. Check back often though, new coupons get loaded every week!

If my store has double coupons will they double the digital coupons?

No. Digital coupons are not eligible for doubling.

Can I combine digital coupons with paper coupons?

No. Digital coupons and paper coupons cannot be combined on the same item.

Do I need to notify the cashier that I have digital coupons on my account?

No. Once the item that has a digital coupon is scanned, the digital coupon on your yes card will be applied.

How do I keep track of my digital coupon savings?

Your digital coupon savings will show up at the bottom of your receipt. “DC” will be in front of the item you purchased with a digital coupon.

A friend of mine told me about a digital coupon, now I can’t find it to clip. Where did it go?

Some digital coupons have a certain number of clicks allowed before they disappear from view. This coupon could have exceeded the number of clicks, or the date to click the coupon could have passed.

I saw a digital coupon yesterday and I did not see it today, why isn't it available?

Some digital coupons have a certain number of clicks allowed before they disappear from view. This coupon could have exceeded the number of clicks, or the date to click the coupon could have passed. If you see a digital coupon you are interested in, adding it to your account the first time you see it will help to make sure it will be available for use.

I just got home from shopping and my digital coupon did not work, what do I do?

You can visit the customer service desk or call the yes customer service line at 1-888-880-YES1 (9371).

I have digital and paper coupon for the same item, which will be used first?

If the coupons are for the same value, the digital coupon will be applied first. If not, the coupon with the most savings will be applied.

I have two digital coupons of different values, which will be used first?

If the coupons are the same value, the digital coupon with the closest expiration date will be used first. If not, the highest value digital coupon will be applied to give you the most savings.

I do not have a home computer or email address; can I still get digital coupons?

Of course! Visit our yes kiosk in-store to clip digital coupons. Simply scan your yes card to sign in and clip away!

Do you have a coupon policy?

Yes. You may view our online coupon policies by visiting the "Coupon Policy" page on your store's website. The link is located in the footer section of every page under “Get Help”.

Are there different types of digital coupons?

Yes. Some coupons are available nationwide, while others are only available to yes members. Additionally, some are personalized specifically for you or your geographic location. All coupons will look exactly the same to you.


Do I need my card to get fuel discounts?

Yes. When you shop Family Fare, D&W Fresh Market, or VG’s Grocery, scan your yes card in order to receive fuel rewards. Locations vary by store. See your store for details on where you can use your gas savings.
Note: Fuel rewards will print automatically at checkout at participating locations. Ask your store for details. You can also see participation locations on the back of your weekly ad.

Do I need to scan my yes card at the fuel pump?

No. A fuel rewards discount will be issued at checkout. You’ll scan the coupon at the pump to obtain your discount.


Why do I have to sign up for some clubs but not others?

Our program offers clubs and rewards. Clubs are programs you opt into, rewards are programs in which you meet purchase requirements and receive an award.

Do I need an online account to participate in Pet Clubs?

Yes. You will need to activate your online yes account in order to opt in to a Club.

Do I need to sign up for Pet Clubs again after I receive an award?

No, you only need to opt in to Pet Club once, after that you will be earning rewards until you opt out of the program.

Where do I sign up for Pet Clubs?

You can sign up for Pet Clubs by visiting the “Clubs” tab on your store’s website and select "Save More" and then select "Available Clubs” . You can also sign up for clubs on the in-store yes kiosk.

How do I participate in Pet Clubs and what items are included?

After you’ve signed up on your store's website and purchase participating items in the Pet Department, you’ll receive the award each time you accumulate $100 of spend in the club. All Pet items are included in the Pet Club.

Once I sign up for a club, do others in my household also need to sign up?

Once you sign up for a club, all members of your household will be able to participate. If you think someone is not part of your household in yes but should be, visit your store's service counter or call 1-888-880-YES1 (9371).

Will my spending in Pet Clubs ever expire?

Accumulated spending in a club will expire if you are not purchasing items related to the club for 12 consecutive weeks.

What items are included in the Pet Club?

Pet items include pet food, wild birdseed, pet treats, pet toys, and pet care/supply items.

Question/Concerns not covered in our FAQs

Please call our yes customer service at 1-888-880-YES1 (9371)

*Not all promotions are available at all locations. Please see your home store for details.